Thursday, August 23, 2012

Creating Healthy Habits

I wrote a post the other day and it kinda got all screwed up so I will be re-posting that later.  I'm going to make an effort to make this blog fun with a focus on food and while I am changing my lifestyle and how I view food, I will make sure this does not become some place where I rant about how much I hate to diet.  

The Habit has become quite the habit for us (more about that later) and I've got to thinking about habits and what they symbolize.  Experts say it takes 21 days to create a new habit so therefore it should take 21 days to break a bad habit by replacing it with a new one.  Unfortunately, I've found that you can't quite "forget" how awesome the gallon container of cheap nacho cheese from Costco tastes or the smell of cinnamon buns.  

Most Americans go from one extreme to the next when it comes to health; we go to extremes in most aspects of our lives - we're the ones who created the X-games!  My journey towards health has been slow and there have been pitfalls everywhere. You can see from pics on here that I go big or go home when it comes to indulging.  I'm not here to preach but over the past few years I've looked at what others have been doing that makes them happy plus gives them the body they want.  My plan is to implement some of these, give them a test drive, and if I love it adopt it, if I don't then I won't.  

Right now, I've cut sugar and grains from my diet (did you know the biologically corn is a grain?).  I am also emphasizing more whole foods versus processed items.  Seeing good food in my home makes me happy.  I have found myself making the right choices when going out and I am to the point where I'm not jealous if those around me are eating tortillas or chips - my mind is in the right place for my body.  

My newest habit attempt is smoothies and I will share my breakfast recipe with you.  If you try it, comment on here and let me know what you think.  Even if you hate it!

Breakfast of health geeks:
In a magic bullet cup (about 20 oz?  Note: I don't measure anything, just toss it all in)

Fill cup 1/2 way with ice (or a touch less)
Cover ice in coconut milk (1 cup?)
Add 1 large leaf of kale (break off stem, tear into pieces)

- blend a bit -

Now you have more room add:
1 banana (in pieces)
1 packet Stevia (eq to 2 tsp of sugar; I need the sweet esp if the bananas are not super ripe)
2 tbsp of Chia powder

- blend til smooth -

Enjoy!  I love the balance these represent in terms of omegas from Chia, calcium from coconut milk, vitamins from kale, and potassium from bananas.  It can be a perfect superfood and the banana is the dominant flavor so it feels like drinking a sweet shake (if you don't look down and see that it's green).

I've even got the hubby saying these aren't bad and he is such an eggs and bacon type of guy.  You can freeze your bananas and use them to substitute ice but take the peel off before tossing in the freezer.  (I learned that one the hard way and they don't defrost nicely!)

Here's to your health!

Got a new health focused habit?  Share below!

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